Elba Cuevas

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Elba Cuevas

Caribbean Waters: Living Waters

6″ x 6″
glass, wire, foam, glue

My name is Elba Cuevas. I’ve been doing mosaic art for the past 6 years as a student of the Atelier del Mosaico de PR. Love the creativity, the challenges; never ceases to amaze me the art that I can accomplish working with glass.

Life inspires me, specially nature, and the beauty of my island; the beaches, the houses of the old city, and the colors of the tropic.

The piece “ Living Waters” was inspire in the beauty that lives underwater; specially Coral Reefs, and the importance for thousands of species found living in one; and the protective role in the coastal areas among other benefits. The symbiotic relationship between algae and corals is so inspire because means we can work together to accomplish in life.

Hope people can appreciate the beauty and the hardwork in the small details of every artwork. Working in 3D ( high relief),gives the piece a more realistic look. It’s a passion that grows everyday. Hope everyone enjoy it.

Elba Cuevas