Virginia Daniel

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

Virginia Daniel

About Project

Grief Changes Us

6″ x 6″
air dry clay, art glass, Apache Tears obsidian gemstones

Humans start out shiny and new and experience joyful moments as they grow and develop. But then stuff happens. Whether one big event or several small events, we all experience grief from losses in our lifetime.

I created this piece as a metaphor for life and how grief changes us. From my personal experience, I know that processing each loss–and the grief emotions that come with it–is vital for good mental, physical and spiritual health.

To that end, I added two Apache Tears (black obsidian) gemstones, which are said to absorb negative energy and help one gain clarity while navigating their grief journey. These stones may lend support in times of sorrow and assist with forgiveness.

I hope this piece of art gives you space to contemplate how grief has played a role in your life. You may find that–after working through your feelings–you have been transformed in unexpected and positive ways.

Virginia Daniel