María del Carmen Zamora Echevarría

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

María del Carmen Zamora Echevarría

Yolas Y Olas

6″ x 6″
glass, sand, seashells, wire

From an early age, I became interested in representing feelings, emotions, and everyday situations through art. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to express my art through mosaics, which has captivated me as an artist. My work “Yolas Y Olas” is inspired by the beautiful memories of my childhood when I used to visit the beaches of my hometown, Aguadilla, with my father. Enjoying sunny days and the warm waters of my Caribbean island with my family, I vividly remember the cheerful colors of the fishermen’s “yolas” (dories) resting on the white sand after a long day of fishing.

María del Carmen Zamora Echevarría (pseudonym – Aromaz)